Yoga in the attic


Enter the attic....


Welcome to EN. YOGA, an urban retreat, tucked away in an attic space, a place to rest, recover, relax and rejuvenate, only minutes away from the Perth CBD, Western Australia. At EN. YOGA we offer a range of yoga classes, series of courses for beginners and seasoned yogis, as well as workshops to tickle your curiosity and delve deeper into your practice and awareness.


Our teachers are dedicated yogis who teach a wide variety of engaging classes. We are committed to create the space not only to practice yoga, but to meet with, reconnect with and rediscover yourself.


“EN” is an English prefix for “en-“, to enable one or many into another state, such as enrich, envision, enable, engage, empower, enyoga! Also, "EN" (えん、縁) in Japanese, is a word to describe a connection of people, place and series of events that is meant to be connected.


Discover your own “EN” today.


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