Enter the attic


About the attic:

Mai's journey began with a little attic in a hub of Northbridge, Western Australia, some moons ago, when it was called Yoga Alchemy. 

Little did this yogi knew, that it was a beginning of a great journey, learning of a dance called "life", with no choreography to learn, but to improvise and enjoy each movement as you go, through a practice called "yoga".

Years later, the attic was called Tonic Yoga and through meeting Hannah of Tonic Yoga, Mai have decided to take on a role of studio ownership in the attic.

Great things came as a result of running a studio, but as Mai delves deeper into yoga teaching, she came to yearn to be a student again. The time has come to pass the baton to another owner. Now the space operates as Yoganta Yoga. For their schedule and other information, please visit their website from here.

About Mai:

Mai has been trained in Hatha Vinyasa Yoga for 2 years at The Yoga Space in West Perth. Mai has completed more than 700 hours in training and her teaching experience totals in more than 900 hours. Mai’s teaching experience ranges from bushwalking retreats, charity classes for a NFP organisation as well as to a wide range of communities in Perth through yoga and meditation teaching.

Prior to her yoga teaching, Mai has worked in a corporate environment for more than 15 years. Being amongst the busy-ness and being under the constant pressure, practising yoga became a vital tool not only to survive but also to thrive in her own skin.

When teaching yoga, Mai thoroughly enjoy creating an open space for each individual to experience mindful movement and re-connect with their own body. Mai describes yoga as "making love to yourself", where you are being "One" with your body, your breath, your mind and your spirit. Have you made love to yourself lately?

Yoga Australia Membership no: 5557

About "EN":

“EN” is an English prefix for “en-“, to enable one or many into another state, such as enrich, envision, enable, engage, empower, enyoga! Also, "EN" (えん、縁) in Japanese, is a word to describe a connection of people, place and series of events that is meant to be connected.


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