Corporate Yoga

Soar through to the sky

Soar through to the sky


Yoga is for everyBODY and it's no different for office workers. 

The benefits of yoga include:

  1. Yoga reduces stress and tension

  2. Yoga improves concentration and focus

  3. Yoga detoxifies the body

  4. Yoga shifts your perception

  5. Yoga is for everyone

For more information about benefits of yoga, please visit here.

Intro rate: $100 per group

General rate: $120 per group

*For group more than 25 in a group, rate may increase.

Testimonials from corporate clients:

Antonio Ruzich (Group Fitness Instructor Team Manager)

Mai is very professional in the way in which she delivers each and every Yoga class that she teaches. She is very attentive to those who are new to the class or are struggling with some of Yoga postures by providing alternative low options whilst also ensuring that she keeps her regular class participants challenged by providing plenty of advanced options. Mai also has a very calming and soothing voice which really helps me to relax and unwind from the stresses of the day. Mai truly does sit within the essence of Yoga.

Raymond Sleeman (Centre Manager/Personal Trainer, Central Park Fitness Centre)

Mai has been running regular yoga sessions for the Central Park Fitness Centre members and Central Park building tenants for some time now. It is an absolute pleasure having Mai as part of the CPFC coaching team. As an independent contractor Mai is so reliable and does a great job engaging her yoga participants. Her classes always seem to be so relevant to how everyone is feeling and all in attendance always leave feeling refreshed and more mobile. Over a short period of time Mai has built a strong following for herself at Central Park and I know the tenants love her regular Friday morning practice. I also make a point to get to her sessions whenever I can as I thoroughly enjoy Mai’s style of yoga and her class flow. As somebody who regularly trains in Weightlifting and Crossfit I find Mhai’s classes great for opening up my tight shoulders and hips. I also enjoy the flowing style of her classes and the concentration on breathe work.

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