Let the journey begin..

Let the journey begin..

Chakras & Crystals: Series 1 Root Chakra

Date changed to August 19th Sunday 5:00-6:30pm

Rebalance. Restore. Revive.

The Chakras, a system of 7 energetic centres within our bodies that have the ability to influence our emotional & physical well being. When we go through periods of environmental/lifestyle change and stress, these energetic centres can be knocked off axis, disturbing the flow of energy through our bodies.


This series of 7 workshops is a guided journey to tune out, to tune in to body, mind and soul.  Exploring each Chakra (one Chakra per workshop), to activate, strengthen and rebalance using guided Crystal meditations & Yin yoga postures .


Crystals have long been used as adornments,  but are also believed to carry energies and amplify intentions for healing. Every workshop will include 3 specific crystals (for you to use and keep) that relate directly to the Chakra we are working with. 


Exchange: $30 Early bird ticket till July 15th, $35 per person thereafter. 


▫ 3 specific crystals relating to the Chakra of each workshop. 

▫ Gift bag to store crystals in

▫ Descriptions of each crystal

▫ Description of Chakra 

Presented by our own Kristine Ragus

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Voice Box Media Training

June 24, July 1 and 29, Sundays, 11:30am - 3:30pm

Got a great idea for a podcast but don't know where to start? This beginners workshop is a fun crash course in everything you need to know: understand microphones, how to record, what to say, and how to put it all together. We'll look at story ideas, structuring your podcast, making it sound great and getting it out to the world. Pitched for beginners but also really valuable if you've already begun your podcasting journey. Run by Sarah Tout, director of Voice Box Media Training.


Sarah has over 14 years experience as a radio broadcaster Sarah is a certified broadcasting trainer who coaches at RTRFM, for the CMTO and lectures in radio sessionally at Murdoch University.


This fun interactive workshop is a great way for podcasters to hone your skills, or for total beginners find out exactly where to begin!

$165 - for one 4 hour workshop

 Presented by Samamtha Briatico

Presented by Samamtha Briatico

Yoga Dance

July 6th Friday 6-8pm

Yoga Dance is a class where we take ourselves on a journey through movement. We explore ourselves through the two different modalities - Yoga and Dance. We begin the class with a Vinyasa flow, connecting movement and breath, which leads us into a free flow and then dance.


The Yoga practice helps us arrive into our bodies, feel into the different parts and explore the sensations through the asana postures. We are then given the opportunity to explore through dance, free form flow with out the structures of the postures. We can begin to move our bodies intuitively... Whether you continue to move through postures or move into full dance... it is really up to you.

When we begin to move mindfully, connecting with our bodies and breath, our movement becomes a meditation... a chance for us to explore ourselves deeper - body, mind and spirit.


We will end the practice with relaxation.


A wonderful way to start your weekend and spend your Friday night in a safe space exploring yourself.


Cost is $25. For questions or more details contact Samantha Briatico-hello@samanthabriatico.com or 0404 665 788

  P resented by  Claire Baker

Presented by Claire Baker

Adore Your Cycle with Claire Baker

Sunday, July 8 at 1:00 PM - 5:30 PM

In this workshop, you’ll:

Learn about the four phases of the menstrual cycle.
Discover self-care practices that align with each of these phases.
Practice tracking your cycle according to what cycle day you’re on.
Learn how your cycle can support your intentions for health and wellness, creativity, spirituality, relationships, purpose and connection to self. 
Hear why your period is actually a very sacred time.
Learn how negative self-talk might be connected to your cycle and how to overcome it.
Tap into your creative centre and learn how your creative energy is connected to the cycle.
Use movement to explore each phase of your cycle and embody the day's teachings.
Everyone who attends will receive a free menstrual and lunar cycle to chart out their next cycle, plus you’ll have the opportunity to share where you’re at in your own cycle journey; telling stories and speaking about our menstrual cycle with other women is healing, important — and fun!

This will be a delightful afternoon of connection on a very important topic that might just transform the way you view your cycle, your body, and yourself. 

Investment: $66.97 from Eventbrite

 Presented by Samamtha Briatico: Photo by  freestocks.org  on  Unsplash

Presented by Samamtha Briatico: Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash

Pregnancy Yoga 101

July 21st Saturday 2-4pm

Pregnancy is a special time in a women's life and the practice of Yoga during this time is so beneficial and helpful on many levels.


In Pregnancy Yoga 101, we will go through the stages of pregnancy and talk about how yoga can help during the different stages. We will also discuss positions to be aware of or avoid during the different stages and contraindications.


This workshop is for Yoga teachers wanting to deepen their understanding of the benefits of yoga during pregnancy and how they can help pregnant students safely practice during this time or for pregnant women wanting to understand how yoga can help them during this special time and how they can modify their practice.


We will go through a pregnancy class, practice specific breathing techniques and meditations, as well as have discussions.

Cost is $55.

For questions or more details contact Samantha Briatico -hello@samanthabriatico.com or 0404 665 788

Your facilitator: Samantha Briatico. Samantha is qualified to teach vinyasa, kids, and yin yoga classes. She also specialises in prenatal and postnatal yoga and has completed her Mindful Birth Teacher Training.

 Back by popular demand!

Back by popular demand!

The Healthy Baby Secret

August 5 Sunday 3-5pm

Are you trying to have a baby? Are you thinking about conceiving in the future? Then this workshop is for you. This informative session will focus on nourishing the body for fertility, conception and pregnancy. 

**Many women attending workshops have gone on to conceive with some workshops resulting in over 40% conception/pregnancy rates!! 

This practical and educational workshop will include:
• Eating for fertility
• The importance of nutrient density
• Fertility Super foods
• Toxicity and what not to eat.
• Lifestyle factors
• Birthing options for health
• Amazing goodie bags filled with beauty products and treats.

Sarah will also share her personal story of 10 years + of infertility and how she transformed her health to conceive quickly and naturally at 39 years of age.

Exchange: $61.85 per person
**Partners are VERY welcome and will benefit from the information too!

Tantric Yoga Teacher Training (1).png

30Hr Tantric Yoga Teacher Training

4 Sundays in September (2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd) from 11am - 7pm

Throughout this 30 hour course, students will learn a brief history and philosophy of Yoga as well as the philosophy and general overview of Eastern and Western Tantra. They will learn the theory, effects, correct practice and sequencing of Tantric Yoga asana and pranayama as well as meditation techniques and specific exercises for men and women. They will also learn the difference between masculine and feminine qualities as well as the skill of setting a sankalpa, including the definitions of bhakti and brahmacharya.

Students will receive instructions on how to teach standard Tantric Yoga sessions for couples, women and men. This includes how to adequately explain or demonstrate the difference between terms such as Ars Erotica and Scientia Sexualis, neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, spiritual and physical practice as well as orgasmic and pre-orgasmic practices.

$500 in full (Includes all teaching materials), or
$100 deposit and a $450 personally arranged payment plan (Includes all teaching materials)
10% discount for applicants who have attended another Kama Wellness course



Presented by an international Buddhist meditation teacher Behram Ghista. With over 28 years of experience in motivating people to be the best they can be, in India, Europe and Australia, Master Behram continues to make a profound difference in many people’s lives. For more details, please visit http://www.innermasterynow.net/

Each event at $25 (early bird ticket), $30 (early bird finishes 5 days prior to the event) *Tea and snacks will be provided.

Rising Above Life's Turbulence - Sept. 24 Mon. 2-4pm

To expand our possibilities for a brighter future doesn’t require us to be special. We do not need to be smarter than we are or have a different personality. All we need to do to rise above life’s turbulence and achieve our greatest aspirations is to be wise enough to utilize what we are already blessed with, exceptionally well.

The idea is not to make a better person of you, but to take better care of the glorious person you already are. And this is all a matter of choice that only you can make.

Be Your Own Good Fortune - Sept. 28 Fri. 6-8pm

It is said that “Fortune favors the prepared.” How prepared are you to navigate safely through life’s many illusions, especially the illusion that makes you believe that all is well in your world and you don’t need to make time for personal growth and learning?

When we are in tune with the right principles and methods for achieving our aspirations, painful effects cannot possibly accrue. If we pursue sound methods, no grief can find its way into our hearts and no painful event can shake our composure. When our actions are true to right principles, only joy can manifest from them; for to say that good causes can produce bad effects is to say that nettles can be reaped from the sowing of corn.

Set Sail In The Full Tide Of Victory - Oct. 5 FIR. 6-8pm

To set sail in the full tide of victory requires choosing our priorities wisely.

After all, true fulfilment is not born from knowing how to satisfy our whims and fancies, because many of us do get what we aim for – yet remain dissatisfied. The more refined our discernment of what really matters, the easier it is to craft a remarkable life that is a blessing for all.