Presented by Mai Shimizu & Tenille Bentley

Presented by Mai Shimizu & Tenille Bentley

Yin and Sound Meditation

July 5th Friday 6-7:15pm

Join Mai and Tenille for a special night of "Yin and Sound Meditation".

Let Mai take you through a series of Yin postures, coupled with Tenille's divine sound alchemy, soothing both your body and your soul.

Mai: Anyone who has experienced Mai's Yin class know that they leave the room feeling grounded, opened and nourished. Combined with Tenille's sound alchemy, you will be taken to a next level of relaxation and transformation.

Tenille Bentley: is a globally recognised Frequency Musician, bridging science and sound to bring her audiences into a state of inner peace and wellbeing. Her cultural background weaves into her unique vocal abilities to send you drifting into a beautiful delta/theta state. Her music compliments yin yoga to take you on an experiential journey to the heart in those holding positions. Find out more about Tenille here

Early Bird Ticket $35 (till June 24th Monday 5pm)

Full Price $45

Alex & Yell | Rise & Align | Collaboration

Alex & Yell | Rise & Align | Collaboration

*SOLD OUT* Sound Art Meditation | June

Sunday, June 9, 2019 at 6 PM – 7 PM

Back by popular demand!

The second instalment by sound alchemists, Alex & Yell | Rise & Align.

For more information, please see below event details.

Tickets : $25
Limited spots so book in quick! May event sold out in less than two weeks.

*SOLD OUT* Sound Art Meditation|Full Blue Moon Sound Bath

May 19th Sunday 6pm - 7pm

Sound Art Meditation fuses the science of sound, frequency and meditation to bring people into deep states of stillness.

A guided sound art meditation journey back to SELF.

This unique sacred soundscape journey layers:

  • live electronically produced sound / frequencies from the solfeggio scale / binaural beats / composed to original guided meditation script

  • instrumental / singling bowls / gongs / a variety of Indigenous healing instruments for a full sound immersion

  • live vocals / mantra / vocal latticing

Presented to you by

Alex & Yell | Rise & Align | Collaboration


>> Alex & Yell <<


live electronically produced healing tunes / soundscaping / frequencies from the solfeggio scale

instrumentals / singling bowls / gongs / a variety of Indigenous healing instruments for a full sound immersion

street cred / the surrealist salon: dali-land @fringeworldperth / wamfest / blueroom theatre / @trainwreck_rtrfm


>> Monique Billstein <<

M E D I T A T I O N & B R E A T H W O R K C O A C H

will guide you on a sacred journey back to self / original meditation script

live vocals / mantra / vocal latticing

street cred / certified meditation & yoga nidra coach / ITA energy medicine / non tox beauty & living educator/ owner & operator @risenalign



Cost $25 per person.

Past Events

Presented by Hannah Corconan

Presented by Hannah Corconan

Woo Woo Wednesday

27 FEBRUARY - 3 APRIL 2019, 7:15-8:45 PM

Join Hannah every Wednesday night over 6 weeks to sample a collection of classes aimed at diving into the more mystical side of yoga and transformation energy. 

WEEK 1: Ground and Connect

WEEK 2: Chakras in Balance

WEEK 3: Access the subconscious

WEEK 4: What of the moon?

WEEK 5: Opening to bliss

WEEK 6: Crystals & Cards

YOUR INVESTMENT: $140 for the whole 6 weeks.

*Please note that no regular En. Yoga passes or memberships will be accepted.

**There will be no refunds or discounts for missed classes or cancellations. You can ‘gift’ your class to a friend if you are unable to attend.

Intro to Meditation by Mai Shimizu

Intro to Meditation by Mai Shimizu

Intro to Meditation with Mai Shimizu

2019 May 8th Wed 7:15pm-8:30pm for 4 weeks

Join Mhai of EN. YOGA to discover, explore and find your own meditation practice. Mhai will take you through different modalities and tools to meditate, so at the end of the 4 weeks course, you'll understand your own meditation needs and how to compliment it.

Week 1: what is meditation? We'll explore the ideas surrounding meditation and learn different tools to be mindful.

Week 2: Yin and Yang. We'll explore the mindfulness using some movements cultivating Yang energy and stillness to nurture Yin energy.

Week 3: Meditation and Yoga Nidra. We'll explore the transformative mindfulness incorporating Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep).

Week 4: Packing the meditation tools in. We'll integrate what we have learnt so far and find your own meditation practice that is your own. 

2019 May 8th Wednesday 7:15pm-8:30pm for 4 weeks

$25 Drop in price available!

$90 for 4 weeks

Grab your friend and enrol for 2 for $160

10% discount if you are an EN. YOGA member

*No refund available, however, you are welcome to transfer the ticket to another person

Presented by Lena Mackey

Presented by Lena Mackey

Activate the Goddess

2019 June 9 Sunday 1-4pm

Do you ever feel the pressure to be more (or perhaps less) sexual than you are?

Are you wanting to develop a deeper sensitivity to your body, so you can feel more pleasure, love and freedom simply being who you are?

Do you want to learn how to embody your unique feminine essence, and start enticing men with your presence and power?

Are your ready to wake up the goddess within and start owning your magnetism as a woman?

During this three-hour workshop, you will be immersed into a powerful portal to deepen the sensitivity to your own body, so you can open to the pulsing sensuality, pleasure and sexual power that already resides there.

I will be guiding you through juicy embodiment practices, soulful journaling prompts and a powerful ritual to help you:

· Embody your unique feminine essence, so you can feel safe to express your sexuality in all its forms

· Stop comparing yourself to other women and start owning your brilliance, beauty, and feminine magnetism as a woman

· Become magnetic to men and start enticing desire from a place of feminine power, so they won’t be able to resist you.


· Workbook with reflective journaling questions, so you can continue integrate what you have learnt long after the workshop

· Guided embodiment practices and meditations, so you leave feeling spacious, free and connected to your body

· Raw, vegan sweet treats and herbal tea

$59 Early Bird (25% off) *Available till June 2nd

$79 Full Price

$119 Bring a Friend (25% off)