Chakras & Crystals: Series 1 Root Chakra

August 19th Sunday 5:00-6:30pm

Rebalance. Restore. Revive.

The Chakras, a system of 7 energetic centres within our bodies that have the ability to influence our emotional & physical well being. When we go through periods of environmental/lifestyle change and stress, these energetic centres can be knocked off axis, disturbing the flow of energy through our bodies.


This series of 7 workshops is a guided journey to tune out, to tune in to body, mind and soul.  Exploring each Chakra (one Chakra per workshop), to activate, strengthen and rebalance using guided Crystal meditations & Yin yoga postures .


Crystals have long been used as adornments,  but are also believed to carry energies and amplify intentions for healing. Every workshop will include 3 specific crystals (for you to use and keep) that relate directly to the Chakra we are working with. 


Exchange: $30 Early bird ticket till July 15th, $35 per person thereafter. 


▫ 3 specific crystals relating to the Chakra of each workshop. 

▫ Gift bag to store crystals in

▫ Descriptions of each crystal

▫ Description of Chakra 

Presented by our own Kristine Ragus

 Share the dignity

Share the dignity

Yoga 4 Dignity

September 1st Saturday 7:30am-8:30am
*Outside lawn area at Yagan Square

Join Mhai for a morning of raising a fund for "Share The Dignity"

Share The Dignity collects thousands of pads, tampons and personal hygiene products every YEAR for women experiencing homelessness and poverty. Small dignities make a big difference. They fund funerals for victims of domestic violence and campaign for justice for women in Australia.

$20 per ticket, all proceed goes to the charity organisation, "Share The Dignity".



Presented by an international Buddhist meditation teacher Behram Ghista. With over 28 years of experience in motivating people to be the best they can be, in India, Europe and Australia, Master Behram continues to make a profound difference in many people’s lives. For more details, please visit

Each event at $25 (early bird ticket), $30 (early bird finishes 10 days prior to the event) *Tea and snacks will be provided.

Rising Above Life's Turbulence - Sept. 24 Mon. 2-4pm

To expand our possibilities for a brighter future doesn’t require us to be special. We do not need to be smarter than we are or have a different personality. All we need to do to rise above life’s turbulence and achieve our greatest aspirations is to be wise enough to utilize what we are already blessed with, exceptionally well.

The idea is not to make a better person of you, but to take better care of the glorious person you already are. And this is all a matter of choice that only you can make.

Be Your Own Good Fortune - Sept. 28 Fri. 6-8pm

It is said that “Fortune favors the prepared.” How prepared are you to navigate safely through life’s many illusions, especially the illusion that makes you believe that all is well in your world and you don’t need to make time for personal growth and learning?

When we are in tune with the right principles and methods for achieving our aspirations, painful effects cannot possibly accrue. If we pursue sound methods, no grief can find its way into our hearts and no painful event can shake our composure. When our actions are true to right principles, only joy can manifest from them; for to say that good causes can produce bad effects is to say that nettles can be reaped from the sowing of corn.

Set Sail In The Full Tide Of Victory - Oct. 5 FRi. 6-8pm

To set sail in the full tide of victory requires choosing our priorities wisely.

After all, true fulfilment is not born from knowing how to satisfy our whims and fancies, because many of us do get what we aim for – yet remain dissatisfied. The more refined our discernment of what really matters, the easier it is to craft a remarkable life that is a blessing for all.

 Back by popular demand

Back by popular demand

Healthy Baby Secret


Sunday October  3-5PM

This informative session incorporating will focus on nourishing the body for fertility, conception and pregnancy.

**Many women attending workshops have gone on to conceive with some workshops resulting in over 40% conception/pregnancy rates!!

Sarah Hopkins is a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach (CHEK) with a passion for all things health related. Sarah runs a successful business helping people achieve their health and lifestyle goals, including healthy conception, pregnancy and beyond. For more details, please visit

This practical and educational workshop will include:

· Eating for fertility

· The importance of nutrient density

· Fertility Super foods

· Toxicity and what not to eat.

· Lifestyle factors

· Birthing options for health

· Amazing goodie bags filled with beauty products and treats.

Investment: $60 per person