Presented by Hannah Corcoran

Presented by Hannah Corcoran

Soul Shine, Half Day Retreat

NEW YEARS DAY, 2019 12-4PM

This New Years Day, Hannah of Tonic Yoga invite you to spend a few luxurious hours with her, nourishing your body, mind and spirit, filling your cup and reclaiming your ‘Shine’ for the year that lays ahead.

Stop the insanity of resolutions.

Let go of the belief that you need to be more.

Accept that you are perfect as you are and your destiny is already unfolding.

All you need to do to realise your desires is service the vessel that is navigating the change - Fill your cup.

This year, Hannah invites you to do something different. She invites you to trust. She invites you to take a step back, take a deep breath and BEFORE you reach for your gym bag, FIRST, FILL YOUR CUP.

Honour that deep desire to be quiet, to be gentle, to give yourself some much needed TLC, and finally prioritise your own nourishment.

If you believe that LESS is SO MUCH MORE. If you want to nourish yourself with gentle, restorative yoga, guided mediation and yogic sleep, then join me as Hannah guides you through a no fuss, no effort, intimate reTREAT.

 Jessica Demunck

Jessica Demunck

Learn to Thrive

2019 January 6th Sunday 1-4pm

Join Perth Life Coach and Primary Teacher, Jessica Demunck for her Learn to Thrive workshop, a training for teachers of all kinds who want to live more mindful, calm and balanced lives. 

This is for the burnt out, overwhelmed and undervalued educators who selflessly serve and say yes to others, but have forgotten to say yes to themselves in the process. 

It’s for the school teachers, mentors, tutors and yogis who are in dire need of some R&R, but can’t seem to find that balance between work and home.  

In this 3-hour workshop, you’ll:

+ Meet other like-minded educators and form lasting connections

+ Do a stock-take on how you’re living right now

+ Participate in a powerful visualisation session

+ Gain practical tips on how you can bring more mindfulness to your life

+ Hear Jess speak about how she has personally revolutionised her own life 

+ Enjoy some delicious, healthy snacks

+ Create inspired action steps to support you in moving forward

+ Finish with a meditation specifically designed for educators

+ Score some purposeful goodies to take home with you

 “It’s not falling we’re afraid of it’s taking flight”

“It’s not falling we’re afraid of it’s taking flight”

Foundations of Flight Series two

2019 Jan 30th Wednesday 7pm for 4 weeks

Back by a popular demand!

A 4 weeks course to work from the ground up to develop a solid foundation from which to take flight. Learn the physical techniques and internal control needed for inversions and hand balances. 

Join Tim for this series of workshops to start or progress your journey, exploring everything you need to know to find balance on your hands and release self imposed limitations. 

You will build strength, gain control, discover alignment and overcome fear on the journey to get upside down. 

Create the foundations for a solid base of balance on two hands and get ready to play.

$120 for a whole 4 weeks. If you’ve attended last series, you are eligible for 10% discount. $38 drop in price.

 Photo courtesy of Samantha Briatico

Photo courtesy of Samantha Briatico

Love Yo’self Workshop by Sam Briatico

2019 March 10th Sunday 11:00am-1:30pm

In this workshop, we will delve into the exploration of SELF through movement, meditation and journaling. When we SLOW DOWN and MOVE our bodies, we are presented with the opportunity to open up to the fullness and beauty of ourselves.

We will be exploring different forms of mindful movement - yoga, spinal movements and free form flow. Through this exploration of movement and the body, we can begin to deepen our understanding of ourselves. We become aware of tensions we hold in the body, linear movement patterns and movements we feel most comfortable with and uncomfortable with. 

When we move mindfully and bring our awareness to the present moment, we also begin to become more aware of the patterns in our mind. We can begin to see the mind - body connection. 

We might start to see thought patterns of self doubt, negative self image, feelings of not being good enough. When we dive a little deeper, we can see underneath this all, who we really are. We are amazing beings full of love and light. Through different life experiences, we become confused, but we can find our way back to ourselves. Return to the LOVE within, our Truth!

We will also explore meditation and have time to reflect and journal on what we discover.  We will be creating space to open up to our FULLness and to the LOVE within.

Past Events

 Photo by  Paul Hanaoka  on  Unsplash

Yoga Nidra presented by Mhai Shimizu

December 5 Wed 7:00pm-8:15pm

Have you ever heard of Yoga Nidra?

It’s also known as yogic sleep, where you are guided through a state of consciousness between awake and asleep, where you’ll be invited to rest and restore deeply. There will be no flow.

This deeply meditative and nurturing practice is a great way to slow down before the December madness starts, and to give yourself the time to rest, restore and rejuvenate, so you can enjoy the festive season with renewed energy. It is believed that 1 hour of Yoga Nidra equates to few hours of sleep.

Give yourself a gift of Yoga Nidra.

Special Christmas price $20 per ticket. Tickets are limited.
*10% off tickets if you are an EN. YOGA unlimited member.

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