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 As of August 2018

As of August 2018

Intro to Yoga

Unplug from the devices and plug back into YOU. If you are a beginner, this is the class to get started with. If you are an experienced yogi, this is your “back to basic” class. In this class we’ll explore the basic postures, work on pranayama (breath work) techniques and some meditation. This is a perfect class to get acquainted with yoga practice and to synch your body with your breath, which is the foundation of Vinyasa practice.


This class is suitable for most bodies types, ages and levels of mobility. The focus is on soothing and nourishing the body and mind. You will leave the class feeling you have had a good stretch, while strength, flexibility and balance begin to improve. The class includes breathing practice, gentle postures, longer time for relaxation and/or meditation.

Slow Flow

A wonderful opportunity to slow down the fast pace of inner city life, these classes are a blend traditional Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. Translation: flowing sequences with opportunity to hold poses for a little longer, take some deeper breaths and explore key alignment in poses. 

Incorporating meditation, pranayama, yogic philosophy and asana - a complete yoga class. 

Vinyasa Flow  

In this more dynamic class, we will experiment with pranayama techniques, meditation, and yogic philosophy whilst enjoying creative sequences and transitions. These classes offer opportunities for more advanced students to extend themselves and try something different. Modifications for beginners are also offered so that you can practice at your own pace. 

Dragon Flow

Awaken your true strength and ignite your inner fire.  Combine powerful Vikasa yoga, Hatha vinyasa and new movements with the symbolic medium of totems to take you through a journey, weaving breath, movement and meditation together seamlessly into a story that’s truly your own. 


In Yin, passive postures are held in a longer period of time (3-5 min), to slowly release a connective tissue, fascia, all around your body. Yin is a perfect way to invite flexibility into our body and to release the tension that is hard to shake off. People often find it is meditative to sit in a Yin pose in silence. Suitable for all levels.


A wonderful opportunity to play with duality and send you floating into your day or night. The class mixes a calming sequence of yin based asanas as well well as some dynamic vinyasa sequences. Perfect opportunity to balance building heat and also stretching deeply, we allow ourselves to access increased flexibility and range of motion. 

STRETCH AND RELEASE by Para *Pilates pass only

*Every Thursday at 12pm

A slow, gentle stretch and flexibility class combining yoga and pilates-inspired movements to help release tightness and help relieve muscle pain through relaxing lengthening exercises. Think improving range of motion, elongating muscles that have been weakened by prolonged sitting and working in front of the computer. Great for releasing tension in the neck, shoulder, hip and lower back and legs. This class is safe for beginners and advanced students. Perfect class anytime of the day to help you unwind after long day at work and/or to help you feel energised for your commitments. Low impact and low intensity. Guaranteed to make you feel relaxed. Bonus is you will have longer and leaner looking muscles!