*As of 2019 July 26th, the studio space is operated by Yoganta Yoga.

**For schedule and pricing, please visit their website from

Mai offers regular classes at below venue and dates


6:15pm Hatha (Yoganta Yoga)

7:00pm Yin (Yoganta Yoga)


8:00am Intro to Yoga (Yoganta Yoga)

9:30am Yin (Yoganta Yoga)

Intro to Yoga 

Unplug from the devices and plug back into YOU. If you are a beginner, this is the class to get started with. If you are an experienced yogi, this is your “back to basic” class. In this class we’ll explore the basic postures, work on pranayama (breath work) techniques and some meditation. This is a perfect class to get acquainted with yoga practice and to sync your body with your breath, which is the foundation of Vinyasa practice. 


This class is suitable for most bodies types, ages and levels of mobility. The focus is on soothing and nourishing the body and mind. You will leave the class feeling you have had a good stretch, while strength, flexibility and balance begin to improve. The class includes breathing practice, gentle postures, longer time for relaxation and/or meditation. 


In Yin, passive postures are held in a longer period of time (3-5 min), to slowly release a connective tissue, fascia, all around your body. Yin is a perfect way to invite flexibility into our body and to release the tension that is hard to shake off. People often find it is meditative to sit in a Yin pose in silence. Suitable for all levels.